Harry Potter - Hogwarts Emblem yes i do have a giant spider

yes i do have a giant spider

September 20, 2014 8:21 pm


Alright, I apologize for this, but I’m asking for all of your help. 

So, about 10 years before I was born, my parents had a baby. Unfortunately, neither of my parents were prepared to have a baby at that time. They both were still in college and had no income. So instead of trying to raise a baby they were not at all prepared for, they gave him up for adoption, using the Catholic church. Since they were in New York, they had to get a closed adoption (Meaning they had no knowledge of who adopted him.) They were, however, supposed to get pictures and information about him, but after the first picture, they got nothing. And the Catholic church did nothing to help them find out what happened to him. 

Now, my mom never wanted to give my brother up for adoption. It broke her heart to do it, but my grandparents thought it was the best course of action at the time. And honestly, it probably was. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt my mother or father every time they think of my long lost brother, nor does it mean that they wouldn’t kill to see him again. 

Now this brings me to the picture. If you know of anyone who was born in Albany, New York, at Albany Medical Center on August 3rd, 1988 who is or thinks they might be adopted, please please contact me. Even if their name isn’t Mathew anymore. I know that this probably won’t help and it’s a long shot, but I need to try and do something… it hurts my mom and my dad, and even my other brother. As for me… I don’t know what to feel. I never knew my eldest brother, but honestly? I think I’d like to. So please, if you know of anyone that matches this description, please contact me via messages/Ask. And even if you don’t know of someone like this, could you Reblog this picture? Please.

I added a picture of my family along with my brother’s information since we don’t have a picture of Mathew. Chances are that he might look like either my mom, dad, or even my brother or I. So… please, reblog this, if you can. And yes, I know how unlikely it is that we’ll find him this way, but… It’s a better chance than doing nothing. So thank you for taking the time to read this.
If there is any additional information you might need, just ask. I’ll be happy to supply it, if I know it of course… 

EDIT: The chances of his name still being Matthew (I spelled it incorrectly on the picture, according to my father it’s spelled with two t’s) is very slim. But the description should help, I hope… Basically, if you know of a person born on this day, in this hospital (or at least in New York…) who is or might be adopted, it might, might be him. Right now he’d be about 26. 
June 1, 2014 6:55 am

why is it, that whenever anything happens, it’s always you three?

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Disciplinary hearing of the twelfth of August, into offences committed under the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery and the International Statute of Secrecy by Harry James Potter, resident at number four, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.

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if u ask me what book I’m reading i’ll either go into a long winded and enthusiastic summary of the entire thing or just lift the book to show u the title and keep reading

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Benedict Cumberbatch in Kraków, Poland (x)


Benedict Cumberbatch in Kraków, Poland (x)

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this girl’s sense of humor is far ahead of her age


this girl’s sense of humor is far ahead of her age

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you saved the world, we mucked it up

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